Why hire Dave as my Life Coach?

  • To be fully supported and keeping you accountable in achieving what is most important for you to obtain in your life right now!
  • To get clarity and focus on what it is that you really want in your life!
  • To plan out all necessary and effective actions towards obtaining your dreams!
  • To create an all around well balanced life, while supporting all of your needs & desires!
  • To increase your emotional, physical, spiritual and/or financial wealth by stretching yourself for more of what you do want!
  • To make the absolute best decisions for your personal life and professional career for maximum fulfillment!
  • To have more sustainable ENERGY to keep growing and moving forward!
  • Any question that you may be asking yourself that you want to accomplish or have more of and have been putting off … the time is NOW to take action!

Where do my Coaching sessions take place?

  • Individual coaching is done over the phone in the privacy of your home for comfort, ease, and convenience so you can participate full out and achieve best results!
  • Group coaching may done over the phone or on location for special events.

How is Coaching different than Therapy?

  • Therapy tends to focus on healing past experiences.  Whereas, Coaching focuses on creating, taking action and moving forward towards your desired goals, aspirations, and/or need for fulfillment, by addressing and getting past blocks and obstacles from the past…closing the “gap” between where you are currently to where you want to go!