“It is with great admiration and appreciation that I write this. In just a few short months I have experienced incredible changes to my personal and professional life. When we first met the odds seemed impossible. I was struggling financially, my health was awful, and my relationships were feeling challenged.

I am now making a very significant income, my health is better, my relationships are improving, and I have moved into a new “state” of knowing that I can do anything and I am doing it! Basically, I am having a blast!

I am now on the path to be all that I was created to be. This simply would not have been possible without Dave Blomsterberg’s coaching and care. Thank you Dave for all your ongoing support with my journey. I am truly on the road to living with Passion!”

–Mike F.

“Hello Dave,

I am amazed at how this worked.

In a span of a year, I went from not having  a job, alone, lost my apartment and turned it around within a year.

Sure I know listening to you motivated me to take charge and action, yet I kept focusing on what i wanted each day: Ideal job, ideal partner, physically fit.

Now here I am a year later, best job I could ever want…sure I took the steps and I had some moments of doubt as It took them 5 months to hire me, yet prior to that I met the most amazing woman who is now my perfect partner, whom a few months later I now moved out with and we are living in the most amazing apartment.  and yes we work out together and play like kids

Yes we both put the work in and I can see your practice in action, I can’t help but smile. Sure at times we may have conflicts which we resolve very quickly. I find myself still focusing on what I want and above all I am deeply grateful knowing that it was your teaching that put me on this path.  I wonder how far I can push this!

Immense gratitude to you. Thank you,”

–Mitchell P.

“About a year ago, I found myself at a professional crossroad. Try as I might, I was unable to make the transition because of doubts, fear and mental blocks that had plagued me for my entire adult life. My goal has always been to pursue the only career that I was ever truly passionate about and not feel like I was going to a ‘job’ everyday simply to pay the bills.

After the very first week of working with Dave, I found my life beginning to dramatically change. His coaching has provided me with strategies to identify and achieve crucial steps toward my goals, that in the past I was either unaware were available or too afraid to pursue. He was able to help me discover thought and belief patterns that have hindered my ability to make my dreams become reality. Additionally, Dave’s coaching has provided me with tools to improve other aspects of my life such as personal relationships, time management and new ways of thinking and reframing how I perceive life and the world around me.

Having never had a ‘life coach’ before, I was not sure what to expect. The term ‘coach’ evoked images of a strict, disciplined, critical authority figure to whom I was going to have to be accountable and apologetic if I was unable to live up to the goals set during our sessions—very much akin to a military drill instructor. I laugh now when I think back because my experience with Dave could not be further from my initial imaginings! Dave’s kind, caring, supportive and encouraging manner continues to provide me with an incredibly safe and reflective space where I am able to share and celebrate my successes as well as, nurture and improve upon the new tools I am learning to wield.

Dave is a master at helping one attain his or her greatest potential, dreams and goals; I highly recommend Dave Blomsterberg to anyone who is in need of an understanding, supportive, encouraging and incredibly effective life coach. I cannot express how grateful I feel for the gift of having the tremendous opportunity to work with him.”

–Kat C. – Singer/Songwriter